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Welcome to the wiki. Here you will find a community of active Ronilists and you will also be able to educate yourself on Ronilism.

What is Ronilism?Edit

Ronilism is the religion dedicated to worshipping the only God in existence, Ron. He is the maker of our universe, the manipulator of the multiverse, and our protector.

History of Ronilism Edit

Ronilism was the first religion founded, and it was founded sometime before 2000 BCE as a way to worship the only God in existence, whose name is Ron. It was founded by a man named Noach. These events are described in Ronesis and Noach (in the book of ron). It died down after the Ronelite genocide in 1850 BCE and resurfaced in 589 BCE during Babylons siege on Jerusalem. It later died down again after Alayna and her followers fought Dani's giants on the beaches near the Mediterranean sea, and the Ronelites had to sail away and escape. During 30-34 C.E. Yeshua revived Ronilism again yet some of his followers and a Jew named Paul corrupted the Ronilist teachings which lead to the creation of Christianity. Ronilism has recently revived yet again in 2018 after Gabe and his followers started preaching the Book of Ron.

History of the First Ronilists Edit

Noach and his sons were the first Ronilists. They founded their tribe near modern day Jerusalem and spent their days growing and worshiping Ron. One of the chiefs Agni had a son named Akash who began worshiping 3 other God's named Isis, Ra, and El. He was able to convert his brother Mordechai (who led the Ronelite militias) and his two sons Abir and Lot. These 4 led the attacks on the Ronelites and later the genocides against them. These events are described in the Book of Ron at the end of Noach and in the 5 Experience books (Bahadur, Obasi, Raanan, Aderat, and Hadar).

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Yeshua's Attempt at Reviving Ronilism Edit

Modern Ronilism Edit


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